• Model : DCM.
    • Fully upholstered donor chair, designed to provide a comfortable position to donor, and feature variable positioning for either arm as well as reclining and upright body position..
    • Dimension (Approx): Seat height : 26”, Length of the seat and leg rest : 40”, Length of the back rest : 36”, width : 27”, width of the arm rest : 6”, length of the arm rest : 24”, Upholstery : soft up- holstery of 2.5” thickness..
    • Load bearing capacity: up to 150 kgs (donor weight).
    • Donor couch having arm bar assembly with adjustable armrests. Remote controller is located at head of the couches.
    • Donor couch is take care of physical position, with the help of electric motor, we can adjust the donor position in between head low – feet high to head high – feet lower position and arm rest swing out for easy sitting as well as up & down of chair such position minimization of donor chair.
    • Motor’s working voltage 220 V – 240 V, 50 Hz, Single phase AC supply, gear ratio 10:47, controlled through limit switches, linear speed : 0.42 meter per second.
    • The couch height is 26" & power slide controlled by motor.
    • The frame of the Recliner is constructed of High grade Steel duly epoxy powder - coated.
    • The base is covered with smooth and elegant finish polymer molded which is rust - free, scratch resistant and easy to clean. Leather as per Japanese Standard : JASO - M - 313 - 813 .
    • Manufacturing unit compliant with ISO 13485:2003, ISO 9001:2008, CE approved.
    • Equipment compliant with Electrical Safety specification of IEC 60601 - 1 .