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SIX MONTHS - Short Term Crash Courses (Calibration Professionals) and Intake :-
(Refer..M0A (Section B 4C-ii)
Fees Rs.20000/- (06 Months)

Following Streams to be undertaken got the Finishing School Sansthan

A ITI Electrician, Electronics, Fitter, AC & Ref Mechanics 40*
B Diploma In Engg. Electrical, Mechanical, Instrumentation
C BE/B. Tech/AMIE Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics & Instrumentation

Note : above all stream will be ready as a service & calibration professionals.

A The Focus Areas
The Student could get generic technologies (e.g. Advanced Manufacturing Technologies, A/C- & Refrigeration Mechanics advanced Technologies) and technologies for specific industrial sectors (e.g. Instrumentation & Medical Blood Bank Equipments & calibration Services). This hybrid approach may well result in a R&D activity falling under the scope of "Instrumentation Technology"or "Advanced Manufacturing Technologies". There will be cross-scope issues which will need to be resolved with flexibility and a reasonable degree of central coordination would be desirable. The Strategy could either be implemented by phases with each phase focusing on a few areas or a combination of focus areas to make it more manageable.
Key R&D topics under each of the proposed focus areas
(1) Advanced Manufacturing Technologies.
(2) On the Job Medical & Blood bank Equipments Parts and Accessory System.
(3) Calibration Services with Logistics/Supply Chain Management Enabling Technologies.